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This Island Property has been native owned for over a century and full of Island History. From a fisherman's family residence in the earlier part of the century we have now boldly stepped into the Tourism Industry, at a level aimed at raising the bar in accommodation and services on Tobacco Cay ,which has long been awaited for.We invite you to evaluate our efforts as we pledge to build on the standards we have now set.

Decided you want to stay at one of the most comfortable Tobacco Caye hotels? We don't blame you.

Enjoy the unspoiled scenery at Joe Jo's by the Reef. Soak up the sun and run wild on Tobacco Caye - snorkel, fish, scuba, island-hop if you please! While you're here you'll feel just as comfortable as in your own home, you'll forget you're in a different place.

Explore this beautiful island and surrounding areas with day tours by the Great Barrier Reef or surrounding Cayes in the South Water Caye marine reserve. Become one with snappers, parrotfish, angelfish and other sea creatures as you swim and snorkel amongst them. Don't miss out on the unspoiled wonders awaiting you at Tobacco Caye!

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